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An Irish cottage, available in print soon…
An Irish cottage, available in print

The Irish countryside is abundant in inspiration of all kind and I am forever trying to capture it in my paintings. Have a look through my originals available now, or browse my collection of prints  HERE.

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If you would like to know a little bit more about me, you can read on below. Or you can also browse through my recent paintings and prints,  just click over to the Shop page.

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So what about me then…

I enjoy the unspoiled landscapes and its contrast with the beauty of man made colourful towns, and I also explore the vulnerability of our contribution to our surroundings brightly coloured boats at the mercy of powerful oceans and the likes. All this time spent looking at the world around me inevitably brings me to question what we are doing with it, destruction and desperate attempts at saving it comes to mind, and this also features in my work, not as a lecture but as an observation.

I work mainly with oil paints in a somewhat impressionist style. Bold colours and contrasts, full texture and perspective are what defines my paintings. I enjoy above all the process of sculpting with the rich paint, freely yet somehow methodically making the colours meet or mix on the canvas.

I am a mum, an entrepreneur, a lover of life and true believer in living just one day at a time.

I am originally from Quebec in Canada. When I was finally all grown up, a little while ago now I have to admit,  and since I always loved being out of my comfort zone, I packed my bag and went travelling. And while I thought I would always come home eventually, I stopped by Ireland one day and never wanted to leave again. I am now surrounded by inspiration in the West of Ireland.