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Hi! I am Jessica Baron, Canadian born artist living in the West of Ireland. I hope you enjoy looking at the oil paintings of Ireland I have on display and on sale on this website.

I have always had a keen interest in the arts and creativity and started experimenting with oil paints when I was only 14 years old. It was definitely like a first love but I was an hyperactive curious mind and went from graduating in Literature and creative writing, to getting a diploma in History of Art, followed by a degree in Textile design. All the while painting and drawing sporadically.

And then I discovered travel and for some years, I packed the paint brushes and hopped around Europe, New-Zealand and Australia, before setting foot in Ireland, unable to leave again!

I now live on a century old model farm in continuous renovation with my young family (and the dogs, cats, sheep…). It was 2016 before I rekindled with painting with a new found focus on perfecting my techniques and developing a style unique to my voice.

My work is intuitive, layers of paint are built freely with a lot of movement, a painted dance on canvas. Dramatic atmospheres take shape in textured palette knife strokes, yet creating a serene scene with simple forms in an impressionistic style. An interest in light, how it shapes the very things we see, their shadows and reflections creates strong compositions and pulls you right in each painting.

My current work, through subjects of landscapes, seascapes and boats, explore themes of the sense of togetherness, the serenity of co-existing. I use objects and scenes in paintings as a sociological reflection and metaphors of being human.

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